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At, we aim to make your search for reliable child care as easy and efficient as possible. We take all of the initial hard search and interview work out of the way for you. How did we do this?


We cover it all

We located and asked providers from all over the U.S. all of the usual and unusual questions for you! Our 58 question virtual interview helps us narrow down providers based on your specific needs! All you have to do is search by zip code, then narrow your search down based on your needs with our advanced search filters. Boom! A list of eligible daycare providers will be given to you, and from there, you save and compare your favorites. Choose the one that best fits you and your childcare needs. Contact the program! Book a Tour!

From after school care to Pre-K curriculum, everything you need to know about providers all in one place at the tip of your fingers. Do they administer meds? Are they home-based? At what age do they start and end care? How far are they away from the nearest medical facility? Do they take government/state assistance? What curriculum do they follow? These questions and more have been asked and answered for you!


Would you like to make this delicate decision easier and get a side by side comparison? All you have to do is become a member (It’s totally FREE!), create a profile, and start searching! You can create a profile and book your tours all in one place! You can share your favorite facilities and interact with our Facebook community! There you will find our blogs to keep you up to date with the latest parenting info from some of today’s best experts. What are you waiting for? Join today and start your child care provider search for FREE!


Join today and start your child care provider search for FREE!

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Finding a daycare for my 3 year old has been more difficult than I thought it would be. A friend referred me to YDP while I was at work one day. I got on the site and was able to find a huge list of daycare providers with 3 daycares being right in the area of my job that I had never even noticed! YDP took the time consuming search work out of finding a great place for my little one.

Tia C