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In 2014, I received a job offer that was too good to pass up. But there was one catch. The hours were outside of the typical child care center operating hours.

At this point, I was without employment for nearly two years. I was also my child’s primary caregiver, and I had no close friends available or family nearby.

I was devastated and nearly lost hope until someone referred me to a daycare center that closed at midnight, which enabled me to take advantage of the opportunity. Since then, I have received four pay raises and two promotions. I have even since started my own small accounting firm.

I was appreciative that the daycare owner knew that there was a need for this and made it available. I was grateful that I met someone who knew about this wonderful child care center. Our needs met one another at a crossroad that changed my life.

I needed child care, and she needed children to educate and care for. By giving child care seekers a convenient way to find your daycare, you have the potential to grow your child care business, create employment, impact the lives of the next generation, and so much more!

For a parent, finding the right child care provider makes a huge difference and could mean better opportunities and gives us the ability to pursue our childhood dreams and much more. YourDaycareProvider.com is a tool that changes lives.

Founder & COO

Roxanne Richardson

Yourdaycareprovider.com™ offers a free personalized search so you can easily enter your child’s age, your budget, the type of child care program you prefer, even select nut-free daycare facilities to quickly identify those programs in your area. Save precious family time with our simple daycare and preschool search.

Our Mission

We believe parents should have easy access to high-quality information about all of their child care options — photos, parent reviews, tuition rates, and thorough descriptions. We rigorously collect information on local child care programs by visiting daycares and preschools in-person, taking real-life photos, and verifying parent reviews to ensure there are no gimmicks. We want parents to have an authentic impression of every child care provider before scheduling a tour. We work hard to help you make the best decision for your kids.


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