What does a profile on Yourdaycareprovider.com offer?

Author: admin | Published: 17th Dec 2020

What does a profile on Yourdaycareprovider.com offer?

Free Subscription

The free subscription includes a limited profile on YourDaycareProvider.com that includes the name, phone number, website,  and address of your childcare service. You are able to upload a profile picture for your childcare service with your free subscription!

Analytics to show you how many times a new user views your profile

Paid Subscription

Your subscription includes a full profile on Yourdaycareprovider.com. The profile provides the answers to 68 questions that parents ask or forget to ask when interviewing childcare providers. Yes, that is a lot of questions! BUT you answer them ONE TIME for HUNDREDS of prospective families!

When parents visit the site, they can select criteria that fit their needs with our advanced filters. Childcare providers that provide those needs will come up in their listing.

Potential families are able to add you as a favorite and compare your services, side by side with other providers of their choosing. This allows for more sound decision-making in the childcare selection process which will lead to less family turnover for your program.

Use our Book a Tour tool to allow prospective families to request tours of your childcare service! You will be able to share your availability and allow families to book at their convenience. You are able to accept tours or cancel tours. It is the childcare service provider’s responsibility to reschedule any tours that do not fit their schedule. From your dashboard, you can manage your tours, and review past tours, and upcoming tours. We are even working to add a virtual tour function!

The profile allows you to upload photos of your facility, employees, and events.

Parents can contact you about your services via your profile.

Analytics to show you how many times a new user views your profile