Benefits of Day Care Center

Author: Gary Freis | Published: 15th Jan 2021

Benefits of Day Care Center

Are you a working mother having a hard time deciding whether to put your child to daycare, while you’re at work? Are you concerned about how sending your child to a daycare center will impact your child? You should leave your worries behind and in fact, should count the benefits. While our wisdom suggests that a child should spend much time with the parents, modern research has found that a child benefits from quality daycare centers. In this article, we will be going through some of the well-accepted benefits of sending a child to a daycare.

1. Cognitive and Language Skills Development
Studies have proven that children studying under daycare center benefits from higher cognitive and language skills that last till high school. Particularly those going to “high-quality” centers. So, even though the decision of sending your child to a daycare center may prove to be a difficult one for you as a parent, it is quite rewarding for the child. The daycare providers have a professional staff that knows when to relax and when to challenge your child. Daycare centers also teach children the name of the body parts, colors, alphabets which help in the practical development of your child. The professional interaction of the day caregivers along with the homely care by you at home is the perfect recipe for your child’s cognitive growth.

2. Regular Schedule
With daycare centers, your child will have a fixed, regular schedule too. Most daycare centers follow a mix of study, songs, and play so that your child remains engaged and don’t feel bored. Since they remain active during the day, they will be more disciplined when at home and will have a nice sleep at night too.

3. Social Interaction
At home, parents arrange playdates. The playdates are the only way a child interacts with other children of their age. They also have limited interaction with other adults. This may create a problem while they’re growing up.
At daycare, they learn to interact and make their voice heard in a group on a regular basis. They learn to share things with other children. They develop patience waiting for their turn. They also learn to interact with other adult day care providers on a regular basis. This social interaction would help them to grow as an individual.

4. Preparation For School
The transition to school or kindergarten can be an awkward phase for both parents and children. Sending your child to a daycare center gives them many new experiences that make the transition smooth. By sending your child to a care center, you could avoid many of the behavioral problems that define this period for many parents. Instead, your child could adapt to his or her new learning
environment with fewer issues.

5. Less Sickness
When your child first goes to kindergarten, they experience many health issues due to interacting with other children,. But children having attended daycare centers have fewer vulnerabilities to the virus as they have developed stronger immunity having socialized with more children before. Also, children in daycare centers get more time to play and exercise which makes them a lot fitter.

Apart from the benefits to the child, there are also benefits for parents. Hope this article will help you make an informed decision on sending your child to a daycare center.

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